Top 10 Places to Visit in Alabama: Alabama is the most popular South Eastern US state. Tourist from all over the world visits this state to experience the beauty and culture of the country. One can see places to visit in Alabama that will make your US trip the best trip till now. If your budget allows, then you can appoint a guide who can help you to explore the place properly. There are multiple things to do in Alabama and many places to visit to know about the history of the state.

Hence here we are going to provide a list of 10 places where you can visit and explore.

Top 10 Places To Visit in Alabama

Places To Visit in Alabama

1. Battles Wharf

top 10 Places To Visit in Alabama

It is the most beautiful and eye-catching Fairhope located at the cost of Alabama Gulf. If you want to experience the view hour’s mobile Bay, then it is the best place to visit in your Alabama tour. The name of the area has been changed several times due to the same name with similar places. Now, to view the beauty of a sunset, this place is best to sit near nature for a few hours.

2. Botanical Garden in Huntsville

romantic Places To Visit in Alabama

Many tourists want to experience wildlife and nature from near. Therefore botanical gardens are the best place to know about species present in the state and how they are surviving there. Here one can relax and roam around the garden inhale fresh air.

There are spaces to walk between the displays of Woodlands and wildflowers. The garden of hope is known for cancer patients and families. It is not scientifically proved that it can cure cancer patients, but people think that it could do this.

3. Cheaha State Bank

best Places To Visit in Alabama

It is the Park located near the Cleburne and clay countries. The place is known for its natural beauty and stunning views. One can check out the views of sunset and sunrise at this Park. Near to the state park, there is a Talladega National Forest. Therefore you can add both the places while visiting here.

4. Chewacla Falls

It is the most famous fountain Park, present in Alabama. Those who want to spend the days while enjoying the family can visit this place. It will be a perfect day out with family while enjoying and sitting near the waterfalls. In the center of the Park, one will get a chance to do a lot of activities like fishing, swimming, boating and many more.

5. Visit Downtown Mobile

Mobile is the best place to visit in Alabama. There are a lot of museums where you can visit and know about the history of the site. Even one will be able to perform a lot of activities while exploring the site. The oldest Carnival of the United States is celebrated at this place. Therefore enjoy yourself with your family while doing a lot of events here.

6. Enjoy Florence Tour

tourist Places To Visit in Alabama

Florence is located at the north-west corner in Alabama. The population of Florence is quite low, which is 40000, including both men and women. Here in this town, many events are arranged for the tourist. WC handy Music Festival is the most famous all over the world. Thousands of tourists visit this place every year to explore the beauty of the site.

7. Fort Payne Depot Museum

While visiting a place, it is essential to know about history and locality. No one can know about the history of the area by visiting a few museums. Here you will be able to see how the people of Alabama struggled in the past while the state was being built. Even you will be able to know about the development of the country and state.

8. Lake Martin

If you want to spend days at the shores of beautiful Lake while exploring the beauty of nature, then Lake Martin is the best choice. The area Lake Martin covering is around 44000 acres. Along with this 750 miles of would it show line is covered beautifully for the tourist. Therefore exploring a similar place will help you to enjoy camping and water skiing. Even we can do boating at this beautiful Lake.

9. Perdido Bay

One can include this place also in their itinerary while visiting Alabama. It has her per dido ever on the banks of coastal Lagoon. It is the most visited river in Alabama and known for its barriers system.

10. Dauphin Island

On the off coast of the mobile, the beautiful island is located. The Audubon Bird Sanctuary is the most famous sanctuary situated in Alabama. The battle of mobile Hue was fought in 1864 at this place, and hence this place is known for the history.

End Verdict!

Therefore the 10 places mentioned above are the best places to visit in Alabama. One can add a single place or multiple places in their itinerary while going for a tour to Alabama. It will be great fun to explore such a beautiful place for many days. While exploring the sites, you can also have lunch and dinner in high-end restaurants or on local streets.

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