Top 10 Places to Visit in Arkansas: Arkansas is the most beautiful place located at the borders of the Mississippi River in the southern part of the US. The mountains, caves, rivers, and hot springs could be explored here by any tourist. In the Northwest region, there are places to visit in Arkansas, like Ozarks is most famous for hiking. The capital is Little Rock, and Apple Blossom is the state flower. One can get a flight to Arkansas to experience the most popular ten places here.

Top 10 places to visit in Arkansas

top 10 places to visit in Arkansas

1. Whitaker Point

best places to visit in Arkansas

It is the point that is being shot in Disney movies; there are several articles by the journalist in this place. It is the most beautiful but dangerous point in the US state. One could see the forest spread over miles, but one has to be careful while visiting here. It is situated at the top hill, and it’s just below a vast forest is located. The steeper rock edge could help the tourist to see the beauty of the forest, but standing there could be raining now.

2. Roark’s Bluff

top places to visit in Arkansas

It is a beautiful place having an eye-catching waterfall and fair new bluff. Two waterfalls situated over a hundred feet, namely Roark Bluff Fall and V notch fall. Therefore if you are planning to visit here, you can add this place to your itinerary. It would be a great experience while exploring a beautiful area with your family and friends. One can get a chance to involve themselves in many activities related to water rides and many more.

3. Pinnacle Mountain

good places to visit in Arkansas

The mountain is situated a thousand feet above the river valley. It is the most beautiful mountain and has a beautiful park that will help the tourist to explore the natural beauty. Those tourists who are visiting Arkansas for experience beauty of nature and I want to see the flora that is spread over 70 acres enjoyable visit this place. It is the best places to visit in Arkansas to see the sunset view at Pinnacle Mountain is the most famous all over the world. One can spend a day till evening while exploring the flora and knowing more about the place.

4. The old mill park in Little Rock

romantic places to visit in Arkansas

The old mill Park is known as TR Pugh Memorial Park. It is the most famous Park which is hiding many species in little rocks. It is a perfect place to click the pictures and the background photos of the beautiful place to collect the memories. It has been picturized in many movies. The people who want to experience the beauty of nature can VI visit this place once.

5. Mount Magazine

Arkansas is known as the best tourist place for viewing nature from every site seen. Now coming to Mount magazine, it is located Word 2007 50 feet long mountain giving the best view of two peaks. It has the best scenery in the US state. Two peaks are being joined by a river valley below. One can enjoy having dinner at this natural state.

6. Mesmerizing Views from hawksbill crag

It is the most dangerous but bluff filled wider forest situated just below the hill. Hiking and trekking are the most popular in this place. It has a jagged landscape along with natural greenery that is being maintained by the government.

7. Lake Quachita

It is covering a thousand miles of shoreline along with 40 acres of land covered with water. It has a lot of water sports and water-related activities like fishing boating, waterskiing, diving, and many more. Apart from this National Park is situated near to it. One can spend the whole day near the hot spring while enjoying with family.

8. Buffalo River

The river is flowing over 150 miles passing through bluffs, craggy outcrops, and another forest in the area. One can see a lot of animals in this forest that the government is preserving. The hunting is strictly prohibited in this area, and anyone caught doing it will be punished by the government.

9. Hot spring Mountains

Now visiting Arkansas and not visiting the hot spring Tower will be not worth it. You want to make your journey memorable and want to add the best places to visit this place. It is covering 1256 feet of sea-level area.

10. Mount Nebo

Last but not least, it is the most famous place to get an overview of thousand Mile areas from the top. The mountain is standing over 1350 feeds above the river valley. Therefore it will be exciting to spend a day on the top.

Hence, we have mentioned the top 10 places where one can visit and explore the beauty of nature in Arkansas. Now make the journey more beautiful try to explore the places to visit in Arkansas in a better way. Even one can ask a travel agent to make all the arrangements for you. It will be an exciting tour while exploring the natural beauty of Arkansas.


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