There are many beautiful places in Southern New England. It is one of the best places to visit in Southern New England in Connecticut. It is the most popular US state that is having a mixture of coastal cities and rural areas, if you are finding the places to visit in Connecticut then here is the best list to choose the site as per your interest. This list could help you to explore the sites innovatively while enjoying your journey.

Top 10 places to visit in Connecticut

top 10 Places to Visit in Connecticut

1. The Beauty of Greenwich

best Places to Visit in Connecticut

Greenwich was established in the 17th-century battery is located near New York City. The site is known for its coastal area and beautiful Romantic Island. One can visit Victorian B&B’s and go for a walk along the Maritime Aquarium. It will be so peaceful to roam around the city because it is known for recreational tourism.

2. Hartford in Connecticut

romantic Places to Visit in Connecticut

The famous monuments are the museums of every city available to know the history of a particular place. Therefore in Connecticut, Hartford could tell you more about the site and their neighborhoods. It is a big ford situated near the central city, having 40-grade restaurants.

3. Old Say brook

good Places to Visit in Connecticut

The beautiful city is situated near the bank of Connecticut River. It is the river that merges with long island sound that has old Say brook nearest. The Say brook plantation is known all over the world. People from different countries visit this place to experience the beauty and nature.

4. Stonington in Connecticut

It is a historical fort in the town that tells about the turbulent history of the place. It is in love is port in the center of the city from where the views of ships are correctly visible. People are embracing the site for many years in Connecticut.

5. Guilford at Connecticut

Now visiting the charming Guilford to see the tree lines Streets along with beautiful village is surrounding modern galleries. Are you looking for places to visit in Connecticut? Then exploring the local street along with the natural beauty of the villagers is very important.

6. New Britain

One can travel 9 miles from Hartford to reach New Britain. It is a small town that was built in 1687. The city is known as Hardware City. Most of the manufacturer’s life Stanley works, Corbin locks and North & Judd are manufactures in the things here in New Britain. The people from all over the world come here to experience the Rolling Hills and young forest.

7. New Haven at Connecticut

The beautiful long sound Island is situated near deep Harbor. The tourist comes here for a recreational tour. The people from all over the world come here to the place that is established in 1638 by English puritans. The green town is the best American plant City that is known for its plantation and trees. If you want to experience the beauty, then you can visit this place once.

8. Bristol at beautiful Connecticut

The beautiful place is the home of ESPN situated 20 miles away from Hartford. The beautiful lake comp ounce is the biggest Theme Park in Bristol. The tourist over the world comes here to visit for the annual Bristol mum festival. That large city has several museums some of them are American clock and watch museum, the Bristol historical society museum, and a few more. The city is containing everything for every individual. Those who want to enjoy the festival can visit here, and those who wish to know about history can visit the museum. Even the people who are adventure lovers can visit a theme park to enjoy the activities.

9. Stamford Connecticut

It is a beautiful place located 30 miles away from Manhattan. The site was built in Belden 19 century, and it is known for its greenery and upscale space. Many Fortune companies are located in Stamford. A large number of workers are living in this place and have an abundant cultural life. One can also go to the Stamford Museum and nature center.

10. Stonington Borough

The beautiful small town in Connecticut what’s building 1801? The place is known for its Baytown a historic home. It is the best place to visit on vacation in the summer season. There is an eclectic boutique along with fine dining restaurants. One can also visit to have renowned margaritas in Manama Cafe.

Now here we have mentioned the top 10 places to visit in Connecticut. Connecticut is the most popular US state and is known for its rich culture. The tourist from all over the world comes here to explore the beauty of the place. If you are also looking forward to getting similar sites and their experience, then try Connecticut. It is essential to visit this beautiful place in the US. One can ever hire a travel agent who helps you to arrange your journey.

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